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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 13, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. this is the 10:00 news, on ktvu channel 2 action news. steady rain in the bay area tonight, and with a series of storms right behind it, this is just the beginning. good evening everybody, i'm frank somerville. and i'm julie haener, we are on storm watch right now as the slow moving storm hitting the bay area. if you were in it, you know the rain made for a wet and windy commute. the chp responded to nearly 400 incidents on the road today.
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we have team coverage tonight, more on the weather. >> reporter: julia, we're in san rafael right now, taking cover underneath an awning. we have been outside mostly since 4:00 this afternoon, let me tell you it has been raining nonstop. on this tuesday night, the steady rainfall didn't keep everybody inside. but even people armed with umbrellas, along with those who were not prepared, walked at a quick place looking for cover. >> it was inconvenient, i didn't bring the rain boots today. i wish that i had. >> my home, i'm using a lot of water because it went raining. i i cut my system off, that is good. >> reporter: here, a large oak tree fell on a house. the couple who owns this home survived. >> i thought it was an earthquake to begin with. but it was just boom, it came right back, so i knew it was
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the tree. >> reporter: in windsor, the drive of this toyota pickup truck found himself stuck in the mud. about a mile away, there was flooding, about two feet deep. >> you can see this is gone. >> reporter: in san rafael, the store manager, tom sheehan, showed us the empty bins, he says since last week there has been a run on rain coats, tarps and plastic shooting, he says the rain has been good for business, a 30% increase. >> it is easier to buy tarp than to replace thousands worth of wood and materials, sheet rock. >> reporter: everybody we spoke with told us the rain may be inconvenient, but say they don't mind because we need it. reporting live, san rafael, amber lee, ktvu news audio and it was a steady rain all day today, still raining outside,
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let's go to storm tracker 2 are the heavier rain is, near mill valley, and san rafael, heavy in the hills here, of around three and four inches of rain. now you go a little further south towards oakland and hayward, the rain totals are much less. and in san jose, there are reports of as little as hundred- inch of rain. 2.2 in santa rosa, quarter of an inch throughout much of the bay area, but in the santa cruz mountains, over four inches of rain, and more for the morning commute. when i come back we'll set you going with that rain forecast for thursday morning. and a 28-year-old hiker is getting well tonight after spending a cold and wet evening in the mountains. that is the sound of the wind and the rain on mt. tam, the hiker getting confused after the sun went down last night.
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he couldn't find his backpack until this morning when he used his cell phone to call for help. rescue crews say it was fortunate that they were able to find him quickly. >> i think the visibility is 50 feet, with the wind chill, the temperatures in the 30s. there is actually ice forming on some of the trees. this gunman had hypothermia, and if we didn't find him in a short period of time it could have been a different story. >> rangers say in severe weather, don't go for a hike unless you are very experienced and well prepared. the stormy weather made for unusually long days at san francisco national airport today. i just really catch up on e- mails, text messages, call family members to kill time. at last check, the average delay for the arriving flights was still a bit over three hours. that has been the case most of the day. sfo had to modify the landing pattern because of the wind. there were no delays reported at san jose or oakland
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airports. and today on the storm, look at the santa cruz mountains, the pictures here, the chp is reminding drivers to slow down because the roads are slick. now officers say there were plenty of accidents just like this one, where they were solo spendouts, this driver here hitting a road sign. fortunately the driver was not seriously hurt. next going to oakland, take a look at these pictures now. the wind and rain this afternoon caused a large tree limb to come crashing down on tunnel road. there were numerous scenes like this one, across the bay area, where the weather was causing problems, bringing limbs down. up the mountains, you'll see how much snow is falling, take a look at the pictures in the sierra, again, a dangerous drive here as the crew took these pictures on the way up to blue canyon tonight, up interstate 80. ktvu's ken pritchett made this
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drive, along with the photographer. they show us what they're up against, what the drivers are up against as they approach the summit. >> nice and easy okay? >> reporter: the installer, robert town send has been at this job for 22 years. >> wow. >> reporter: and it remains dangerous. >> we're stuck on a sheet of ice, i'm hugging the tire, trying to communicate. >> reporter: business has been slow all year, for chain installers. and this being a tuesday, it was a slow day despite the snow. but there were many accidents to report. >> they just cleared up the six- car pile-up, 10 minutes ago, people were driving too fast. >> reporter: here, heading eastbound we found this three- car pile-up. a jeep and suv spinning out, a third suv joined the collision. >> the chain reaction, somebody spins out, has an accident, usually, the cars behind it were also involved. that is what happened here. >> reporter: the chp officer
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jim brown says that speed was a factor. but even with three cars crashed, and just one lane open we saw plenty of drivers fly past this accident. not even slowing to take a look. >> yeah, if there was -- you know one thing i would just wish is that everybody would slow down when it is snowing. it is just really dangerous out here, people don't understand. >> reporter: if you are heading up to the sierra, check the roadside signs, because the chain controls will move up and down the mountain as the weekend goes on. at blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu. and the coverage continues throughout the hour, he will monitor storm tracker two. and at 1030, what we learned about the driver killed when his van went off a ramp into slick conditions into a shopping center. and the series of storms we're tracking in the complete bay area forecast. and an eight-year-old boy now recovering after somebody opened fire on his family's car
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in a fit of road rage last night. and ktvu's heather holmes is live in richmond with more on the gunshots going off. >> reporter: police played the recordings for me a few hours ago. and i have to say they are chilling. and to think because of what happened here, a lane change that led up to the gunfire. what happened next here on birmingham drive shook andrew gonzales out of bed. >> like eight shots went off. >> reporter: but gonzales didn't report the amount of gunfire around 10:30 last night. he didn't have to. [loud noises] >> reporter: the sound was picked up by richmond's shot spotter gunshot detection system, and the officers were on the way. one of the bullets struck the eight-year-old boy, sitting in the back seat of his family's car. moments later, the richmond family of four had been traveling east when the father took the hill top mall exit.
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>> he got over in a lane, and cut a person off by accident, the driver of the other vehicle made it known immediately that he was upset by the move. >> reporter: so upset that he followed the family's vehicle for about a a mile through the neighborhood, then here in the birmingham area, the angry drive shot nine rounds, driving a block and firing some more. >> when you have an eight-year- old innocent victim that -- you know, impacted by -- a stupid road rage incident, you know it pulls at the heart strings of the officers. >> reporter: the father took his son to the hospital, nobody else inside the family's vehicle was hurt. police say that gunman was driving a black colored older model crown victoria, similar, frank and julia, to a police vehicle. here in richmond, i'm heather holmes, ktvu. and new at 10, a step tonight making the 49ers' stadium a new reality.
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the council and the authority approved the stadium lease agreement, under that agreement the 49ers are to pay about 49 million to the state authority. a 1.7 billion financing deal for the project was also approved. in 13 minutes, hear from a south bay man who was attacked at a 49ers' game. the new legislation that would ban the fans from the ballpark. and many protesting at the school board meeting, angry at about 500 layoff notices that went out yesterday. >> our schools. >> reporter: the superintendent, carlos garcia, says the district is facing an 80-120 million budget shortfall next year, the state law says the district must notify the teachers of the potential layoffs by march 15th. >> the district has enough money in their budget reserves to stop all layoffs. but instead they went out and they're sending them all out anyway. that is not fair.
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>> reporter: the teachers told us they're not just upset by the potential layoffs, but also that the layoff notices don't appear to take seniority into account. and today, dow jumping 218 points, the close well above 13,000, the nasdaq rose six points, driven by retail salings. up beat report by the federal reserve helped the growth. they expect moderate growth for the economy, they say unemployment will likely keep falling but is still high. and interest rates to remain low at least into 2014. a great win for the good guys, these guys are very difficult to capture. but capture them, they did. with surveillance video and a stakeout. the precious metal thieves were after. and a big night for rick santorum. a live report on where this leaves newt gingrich and his
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southern strategy. and she survived a
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what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. . caught on tape, the thieves stole thousands worth of railings. live, from napa, they learned out a stakeout paid off big time for police. deborah? >> reporter: well, frank, we're downtown along the water front.
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you can see this hand railing has a bronze top on it. but this one is missing. and police say thieves took 30 of them until their own greed did them in. >> they were taking out the railings there. >> reporter: right under the surveillance video, two men mess with the rail screws in the middle of the night. >> they know just what they're looking for and exactly what they're doing. once they remove the screws, you pop the glue off. >> reporter: the railings are as much a part of this area as the river. but the rails, missing, the same men spotted beforehand every time. >> they would walk along, kind of unscrew them first, and then come back and remove them. >> reporter: even piling them up behind a wall. >> we backed all the way in to there. >> reporter: positioning their truck to load up later. so plain clothes officers staked out the area several mornings, and jumped when the
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truck returned. >> if they didn't come back, we never would have caught them. because they were not napa residents that we could have identify from our known crooks. >> reporter: warner and rose are still in jail, police found screw drivers in their truck, along with a receipt for a metal scrapper. the next step, a visit to the scrap yard that made to buy. >> they have to know that they're buying stolen property, or have a good idea, but they ignore that. >> reporter: it appears the two suspects plan to mine this park for a while. the morning they were caught, several more railings were found, screws loosened, ready to be lifted away. we're live in napa, ktvu channel 2 action news. and kidnapping survivor jaycee dugard says he is making progress, as she moves forward following her 18 years ordeal. >> it is not with me every day.
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i mean -- that is over. you know, he -- nancy and philip are behind bars. >> the 31-year-old mother of two made her first public appearance in new york city this weekend, where oprah winfrey presented her with the inspiration award. in an interview with abc news, jaycee dugard says he is taking life day by -- she is taking life day by day. >> i am angry, but on the other hand i have two beautiful daughters, that i can never be sorry about. >> jaycee dugard had her daughters with phillip garrido near antioch, in his back yard. he and his wife are now living out the rest of their days in prison. and now for the race to the white house, it was a big night for santorum, who won both of the southern primaries this evening in mississippi and alabama. here are the latest numbers from alabama, santorum, 35% of the vote. newt gingrich, 29%, and mitt
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romney, also had 29%, and ron paul came in last at 5%. in mississippi, the numbers were a little closer, santorum coming away with 33%, newt gingrich, 31, mitt romney, 30, and ron paul, 4%, and craig boswell is watching the returns, a big night with dozens of needed delegates at stake. >> reporter: good evening to you, four contests tonight, all eyes on alabama, mississippi, very highly conservative states with 90 delegates up for grabs. >> reporter: mitt romney, santorum and newt gingrich, running in a virtual dead heat in alabama and mississippi. >> we did it again. >> reporter: fox news now projects santorum winning both alabama and mississippi, the former pennsylvania senator learned of the double victory while speaking to supporters. >> we did? >> reporter: santorum's camp is pressuring newt gingrich to step aside, arguing the candidate flips the vote.
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newt gingrich has only won south carolina and georgia, and based his entire campaign on a southern strategy. but says he will fight all the way to the convention in august. >> we'll leave alabama and mississippi, with a substantial number of delegates, increasing the total of going towards tampa. >> reporter: mitt romney, still the frontrunner, wants to walk away with a strong showing in the south. >> ending up with a third of the delegates, if that is the case, that inches us closer to that magic number. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul looking for a first win, returning to the campaign trail tomorrow in illinois. expecting results from hawaii and american samoa, sometime between 2:00 eastern time, that is about an hour from now. live in washington, craig boswell, change-up ktvu. and mitt romney holding a substantial lead with 476. santorum, 246, newt gingrich,
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131, and ron paul, 47. 1100 and 44 are needed to win the republican nomination. and in afghanistan, more blood today at the scene of this past weekend's massacre. the taliban fighters opened fire on a delegation from kabul that included two of the president's brothers. they were visiting one of the villages where 12 of the 16 afghanistan civilians were killed by an american soldier. today one soldier and three militants were shot to death. the u.s. military says it appears the accused staff sergeant acted alone in killing those afghanistan civilians. a hearing today found probable cause to keep him in custody. his name has not been released. a senior u.s. official says that alcohol was found in his living space, but it is not clear if it played a role in the killings. alcohol is forbidden in a war zone. and president obama making public comments about afghanistan and promised a
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thorough investigation. >> the united states takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens, and our own children who were murdered. we're heartbroken over the loss of innocent life. >> the president said the killings will not change american policy or the time table for withdrawal set for 2014. the president also said the u.s. faces a difficult challenge in afghanistan. in the moderate to -- moderate to light rain still falling in the bay area, there goes the sweep, out towards danville and livermore, and more rain in the darker green area. and towards vallejo, more rain, and santa rosa, and petaluma, stayed, moderate light rain. the showers will continue, impacting the morning commute. here we are, the computer model tomorrow, midnight scattered showers, and then as we get into 5:00, the early morning commute. there are scattered showers as far south as fremont, san jose,
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maybe getting a break from it. and then as we get into the 7:00 early morning time for the commute, more scattered showers. there is 8:00, 9:00. and then as you get into the afternoon, things clear out. so the morning commute looks wet. drying out as we head through the day on wednesday. see you back here with the long range forecast -- the santa cruz county coroner today identified the 60- year-old surfer who died while surfing in capitola, scott woodruff was found unconscious by his friends at about 6:00 last night. he is seen here surfing in december. woodworth owned a business and was a graduate of fremont high school in sunnyvale. they have not determined a cause of death. he was punched over and over by football fans. >> i was hit six to eight times in my face. >> the new effort that would
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ban the unruly fans from california look! here she comes!
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bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. . developing news right now, oakland police confirmed to us they opened fire on a man less than 90 minutes ago. here is what we know. one of the officers shot the man who was arm armed with a shot gun, at 90th avenue, the man was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. police say the shot gun has been recovered at the scene. if we learn anything else during the news cast we'll bring it to you. and a new bill aimed at keeping violent fans out of pro sporting events, making its way through the legislature. ktvu's maureen naylor has more on the story, and how it would work. >> reporter: just after the
11:55 pm
lights went out at candle stick park in december? >> i lost four teeth, hit six to eight times in my face. >> reporter: the man says he was punched over and over by several drunk 49ers fans after he asked one of them to sit down. >> the big guy jumped on my knees and continued to hit me, over and over and over again. i actually thought i would die. >> reporter: the incident is still under investigation. but he supports the newly investigation regarding the violent fans, inspired in part by the brian stowe beating case. >> there are a lot of things worth fighting out there, your family, a cause, a country, but the color of somebody's jersey is not one of them. >> reporter: it would have a fan list of violent fans, the offenders would face up to a year in jail. and teams would have to contribute to a reward fund to encourage witnesses to come forward. >> i think we need to identify those who abuse the system over
11:56 pm
and over. those who continually want to beat people up and hurt people. >> reporter: the 49ers didn't comment specifically on the proposed legislation, but released a statement, saying that fan's safety is important to the team, adding we'll continue to work with local law enforcement and the nfl to provide the safe environment at our game. this is set to go before the assembly public safety commission this spring. and police announced the arrest on a nanny on charges of molesting the children he was caring for. the campbell police department says that 41-year-old john walker is facing 14 counts of lewd acts with children, and they were concerned there could be other victims in the case. investigators say walker has been a nanny for 10 years. in solano county, prosecutors releasing two men in connection with a double homicide last week in fairfield, the district attorney is not filing charges against darrin trahan, and 18-
11:57 pm
year-old marcel chew pending further investigation. police took them into custody after the shooting deaths of 24- year-old vedell chew and 18- year-old francisco knight of el paso. police are still looking for blake johnson of vallejo in connection with the killings. and a long time member of the doobie brothers has died. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ listen to the music. >> he played on some of their biggest hits. listen to the music and china grove. hosek was with the brothers in early years, left in 1973, re- joining the band in 1987. he stopped performing two years ago because of poor health. he died of cancer at his home in wyoming. he was 65 years old. and the topic of high speed, packing a theater in mountain view. why so many peninsula residents are against the bullet trains. but first, a van going of
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. picking up more showers, a lot of rain falling in the north bay, consistent all day. the showers now on the bay bridge, some light showers. heading east out to livermore and dublin. scattered showers out there. and santa clara, very light showers tonight. they could see more showers tonight. and then by tomorrow morning, more showers for the entire bay area for the morning commute. all the details will be here in moments. all the rain made conditions very dangerous on the roads today. there were way more accidents than usual, and ktvu's patty
12:01 am
lee says that one of them in contra costa valley killed a 44- year-old driver. >> reporter: contra costa police responded to 15 weather- related calls before 1:00 this afternoon the including this fatal accident in concord. >> definitely it is weather- related, obviously coming around the corner, going on the on-ramp, trying to go fast in wet weather like this, appears they lost control. >> reporter: the battalion chief says that the driver was identified as joseph conway from amador county was going faster when the van fish tailed, on 480, next it hit a pole and tree. >> we don't know if speed is a factor, but just a reminder to slow down. >> reporter: it is also a reminder to buckle up. >> i think the tragedy was, he was not wearing a seat belt. >> reporter: chp feared the evening commute today would be as dangerous as the one this morning when there were 45
12:02 am
accidents in solano and contra costa counties between 5 and 10:00. compared to just five in that same period yesterday. >> we have not had rain in a while. so as soon as we -- almost like the first rain of the season. the oils in the asphalt come to the surface, making them slick. >> reporter: contra costa county is bracing for a busy couple of days as the rain moves through the bay area. patty lee, ktvu, concord. and a rash of thefts on muni buses and trains, prompting a new campaign. authorities say people who use electronic devices are most at risk. muni officials say since january of last year, the overall crimes on them have dropped 35%. but other thefts, including tablets and phones is up 20%. now a new poster campaign is republicanning people to -- warning people to be on alert. >> i'm very careful, careful about the surroundings. i don't pull it out. >> reporter: muni says that
12:03 am
audio announcements may also be used to remind riders to be careful. and new at 10:00, the chairman of the california high speed rail authority board is in mountain view tonight, giving a preview of the project's proposed business plan. and ktvu has more on why the peninsula residents say that high speed rail will change their community for the worse. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, the hearing is still happening at the mountain view performing arts center, and it is a full house in there. 600 people packed the theater tonight for a chance to express their opinion about the one hundred billion system. some have fliers reading, kill the high speed rail. >> i am very concerned it will ruin the neighborhood, drop property values, totally change the way of life in the towns. >> we live about two miles from the rail -- that exists here in mountain view. and we're here sometimes. but it is not a very big
12:04 am
bother. >> reporter: the chair of the high speed rail authority tonight says even though the full funding for the project is yet to be secured, the project is on track. >> we believe that high speed rail remains an important part of california's future. its fundamentals are sound, we leave. >> reporter: richards says they plan to blend a system, using caltrans existing tracks for the bullet trains. >> and so upgrading that track, to preparing it for high speed rail makes sense. >> reporter: but some opponents say that still wouldn't satisfy them. >> and unless it can be under grounded one way or another, partly covered or uncovered? >> high speed rail, high speed rail. >> reporter: before tonight's hearing, the supporters of high speed rail staged a demonstration, organized labor would be behind the rally. >> this is one of the projects that we'll create -- it will create a lot of work for
12:05 am
everybody in the bay area and throughout california. next month, the high speed rail authority is scheduled to prepare the final business plan. and in june, they will vote on whether or not to launch the project in the central valley. live, mountain view, ktvu channel 2 action news. and family and friends of an oakland advice rallied on his behalf today. it has been three years since tristan anderson suffered a brain injury while visiting the middle east. today he spoke briefly. >> thank you for standing and supporting me. >> reporter: anderson was hit by a grenade fired by israel police during a protest on the west bank. his friends say they want israel to take responsibility. >> he will have needs every single day for the rest of his life that need to be paid for. that are expensive. >> the three american hikers who were detained in iran,
12:06 am
sarah shourd, bower and fattal, were on hand for anderson, they say they are long time friends. and voting to spend two million to help st. rose hospital in hayward to stay open. the ceo of the not for profit hospital says they help many that are not able to pay, and currently they're losing between 8000 and a million every month. the hospital has operated in hayward for 50 years, one of the largest employers of the city. and warnings from the contra costa fire chief, he says that half a dozen fire stations will have to be closed unless a $90 parcel tax will have to be paid. the chief says the parcel task will keep the district from closing six of its 28 fire stations and would keep 63 firefighters from being laid off. word tonight the nation's
12:07 am
third largest bank failed the federal reserve stress test. they say four of the nation's largest banks failed to show they have enough capitol to survive. another serious down turn. sun trust, allied financial, and met life are on that list. and it is a sign of the digital times, after 244 years, encyclopedia will not print its books. the 32 volume set will be this last, they will now focus on the digital books and educational tools. and the chancellor of uc berkeley, makes big news. he explains why it was late in coming. and rain in store for tomorrow, in fact, both commutes, we'll let you know the amount of rain we'll see. and later with a deadly disease.
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i was one of them. my disease was obesity and after consulting with my doctor, i received the effective treatment i needed. please join the obesity action coalition to acknowledge obesity as a disease visit obesity action dot org to sign an open letter pledging your support and for more information about how to talk to your doctor about weight loss and treatment options. together we can make a choice to end obesity now.
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a public service from the obesity action coalition. physics,. after eight years leading uc berkeley, the chancellor, robert birgeneau, will step down at the end of the year, he took the job in 2004, planning to stay just several years. he stayed a year longer to help the university through the economic crisis. birgeneau, who is 69 years old, will remain at berkeley to teach. and members of the group called by any means necessary held a press conference to claim some credit for the chancellor's move. >> this is a real victory for the movement on this campus and beyondment because this is a demand that the movement has been fighting for ever since november nine. >> november ninth was the day police moved on to the berkeley
12:11 am
campus to break up an occupy protest. the action resulted in 39 arrests, and charges of brutal events, concerning the way officers used their weapons on students. and passengers on an american airlines flight, a flight attendant had a strange outbreak. >> restrain her -- >> okay, sir? [loud noises] >> hello, search? >> it looks like they're physically restraining a flight attendant. >> okay, they're physically restraining a flight attendant? >> yeah, she has lost it. >> the incident happened last friday as the plane was preparing to take off from dallas ft. worth, during a 15-minute address, the flight attendant started to scream for passengers to get off the plane, and said that she was not responsible in the event of a crash. the passengers later helped to stop her, and the plane returned to the terminal. in news of the world tonight, the army in syria
12:12 am
capturing most of the rebel strong hold in the north today after three days of heavy fighting. the government also got a boost from their ally, russia, who promised to keep selling weapons to the regime. also, they are planting land mines on their borders to keep others from running to other countries. and delegates from north and south korea, in a fight after a meeting where the south accused the north of human rights abuses. the representatives from the north were not too happy about the incidents, and then shoving started. the u.s. said that the south korea delegates behaved aggressively. and in guatemala, a man sentenced to life in prison. pedro rioz was convicted after
12:13 am
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. it is a controversial idea, using homeless people to create free wives and paying them to do -- wifis -- >> reporter: 13 homeless people carrying smart phones, making them free mobile hot spots that were found on the map. they were identifying tee shirts. >> it helped us out quite a bit, it was fun.
12:16 am
>> reporter: the employees got 20 bucks a day, plus donations. >> they could have hired anybody to do this. and they came out, let the homeless people do it. it was very positive. >> reporter: they kept all the money as the others do. and based on what we saw, they see very little difference between this and this, except this is much harder to get. >> you couldn't come up with nothing better than that, because having nothing and being homeless and doing nothing, is just like a walking dead man. >> reporter: the bay area homeless advocates are taking a wait and see approach. >> maybe there are ways right and smart to do it. and maybe this is an example of something that should have been thought a little more deeply about. >> at the end of the day if people that don't have anything can make something, then it is not up to me to make that judgment. >> reporter: it bothers one pastor. >> the important thing has to do with what it does to them, initially, and what it may do
12:17 am
to them later on, it dehumanizes them. >> reporter: others see it differently. >> a chance to come out, to be able to work and be strong. >> reporter: it is now a worldwide debate, tom vacar, ktvu. and a follow up on a story, that we tried to bring, an effort to fight teen prostitution, they are creating a task force on the exploitation of minors in the city. the report was prompted by girls at berkeley high school involved in prostitution. if approved, the nine person task force of police, city and school officials would help to provide services to young sex workers. and organizers of the festival announcing the dates for the event. they will take over parts of golden gate park, august 10th through the 12th. it is the fifth year for the festival, last year they drew some 180,000 fans. this year's lineup of fans
12:18 am
still has not been announced. and the mavs, three weeks less to hold the competition, and organizers are watching the weather for just the right conditions. if the contest can't be held, organizers say they will still celebrate big wave surfing, on march 31. at princeton harbor near half moon bay. and the storm tracker two, still showing showers throughout the bay area, mainly in the north bay, where the heavier rain has been. let's take a look, out to the vallejo, napa area, light sprinkles, an inch of rain in most of the area. and the coastal hills of north bay and central bay, we have had over three and four inches of rainfall. it really has been coming out along the hills. as we go into tonight, the showers remain in the forecast, tomorrow morning we get another round, round two of another system that moves in that will
12:19 am
make for a bit of a dicey morning commute. the afternoon commute gets a break, the morning, the wettest time tomorrow. along the coastal hills we'll continue to see the lifts, they are seeing a lot of heavy rain in the santa cruz mountains, almost four inches of rain today, same up north in jenner, tomorrow, maybe one to two inches, but heavier rain in the mountains in the coastal hills. everybody else, maybe a quarter of an inch to half an in. the weather warning in effect through tomorrow morning, snow levels at 5000 feet, but dropping quickly to the weekend when they could drop down 2000 feet as a cooler storm gets here. wednesday, 7:00, clearing out, most likely you get a dry, afternoon commute. and on thursday, another system moves in, most of the day, it is dry. the next system moving in for
12:20 am
thursday, more rain, friday, saturday, sunday, so it is a series of storms that will continue through the bay area weekend. and i think the heavier rain, we saw today. i think the next storms will offer a little bit less, i mean four inches of rain in the north bay is a lot of rain. 61 in santa rosa, 62 in concord, those temperatures give you a pretty good feel for how warm the systems of. they are carrying so many water with them. when you get the warm air like that it holds a lot of water, the snow levels are high. closer to the weekend, the storm systems come from the north, a cooler air mass, not as much water, or as much rain. tomorrow morning, commute, a wet one, it will be here at 4:30, that is what they will talk about. >> finally real winter weather. it looks like a real winter. and reception today in, they gathered at the golden gate, remembering the lives lost in the disaster, and
12:21 am
praised the recovery efforts. the japanese council general thanked the people of california for their generous help. and trading star player ellis, the 7-footer they're getting in return. plus, the four
12:22 am
12:23 am
12:24 am
joe the bay area honored four more of the sports legends this evening, in the hall of fame. former secretary of state rice was there to honor them. in addition to gene washington, the others included head tom flores, and current mayor of sacramento, kevin johnson, and finally, the late golfer, george archer, and in case you missed the live stream of tonight's event, it will air saturday and sunday at 6:00. >> mark is off tonight, joe is here, boy, what a trade with the warriors tonight. >> yeah, not enough going on tonight, monte ellis the subject of trade talks for four years, tonight it happened. word came they traded ellis to
12:25 am
the milwaukee bucs, along with brown. still in a six year contract he signed in 2008, in exchange, the warriors get the big man they have been after for so long, andrew bogut, fractures his ankle in january, a number of his injuries that happened. and steven jackson, monte already missed by warrior fans tonight in sacramento, others pick up the slack for the golden state. and nate robinson, david lee, one of six warriors in double figures. and brandon rush, another one, golden state's 12, 3-pointers. they're three games under 500, and post season game at stanford. anthony brown, nice movement. josh owens with the block at one end.
12:26 am
aaron bright runs the floor, bright made nine straight at one point, scoring all 17 of his points in the second half, stanford wins, we'll next meet the winner of mississippi game. usf and post season play as washington visited the hill top in the first round of the cbi, closed for a half. abe lud wig, out scoring the dons. and when usf finishes 20 and 14, the sharks need a win as they played tonight in calgary, san jose, trailing 2-1, third period, power play. couture gets one past, they head to overtime. tied at two. in overtime, the flames took advantage of the two on one break. watch this one, como breaks free, pushes one past antti niemi.
12:27 am
and calgary and los angeles, they get the eighth and final playoff spot. and ramirez, hitless in the first eight at bats, until he stepped to the plate there, that one carries over the big centerfield barrier, ramirez will have to sit out his 50 game suspension, giants fell to cubs, 5-4, bumgarner taking the lossment and finally, lots of 49ers news today, big one, cornerback, rogers ups again for four years, and josh morgan is gone, going back to his roots and sign signing with the roots, refugee. >> red skins. and they are tracking how the rain will affect your morning commute, they will be here from 4:30, we're always
12:28 am
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